Ali Riaz Malik

Ali Riaz Malik is one of the best entrepreneurs in Pakistan who is in the top position due to his extraordinary skills and talent. He is the best real estate developer with a challenging attitude. Currently, he is the CEO of the most popular Bahria town. This firm is now considered as Asia’s largest and top real estate developers. He is not only a famous real estate developer or entrepreneur; he is also the son of Real estate expert Malik Riaz Hussain. Malik Riaz Hussain is the founder and chairman of Bahria Town. At present, he is the seventh richest person in Pakistan.

Ahmed Ali Riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik was born at Rawalpindi in 1978. From his childhood days itself, he is very much interested in the real estate business. He is also having a good focus on the field to achieve something in his life like his father. It made him develop his place into big buildings and skyscrapers like in the other countries. He decided to work a lot to achieve it. In 1999 he went through his studies from Beacon house school and quickly joined with his father to carry over the real estate business. This made him develop Bahria town and it is considered to be Asia’s largest real estate development firm.

The professional career of Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is good too. He earned success through his hard work and strong dedication. At first, he started his career as a procurement manager in the marketing and sales field. Then he slowly becomes the project manager in 2005 for managing various projects of Bahria Town in his country. Through his achievement and dedication, he has become the CEO of that firm and gets involved in business development. He also takes his company to the next level via making it the USD$ 1 billion firm.

Ali Riaz Malik

By succeeding in professional life, then he got married to Mubashra Ali Malik in 2003 and become a family man too. His wife came from a rich family. Her father is a sugar refineries owner in Pakistan and she was born in 1983. After their marriage, Mrs. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has taken control of her husband’s real estate firm. She takes charge of the Philanthropic activities of Bahria Town. These charitable activities are most excellent. Ali Riaz Malik family helped a lot and distributed meals for many people regularly. Then serving has become their passion and they continued it.

In recent times, Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik has acting as the key person in all kinds of projects at the Bahria Town. As the CEO of the real estate firm, he is responsible for all their projects to achieve success in a most extraordinary manner. He also managed most of the popular projects. “Pakistan’s first-ever island city” is one of the most popular projects that he has handled ever. This project mainly belongs to the US real estate tycoon Thomas Kramer in 2013. In the Karachi city, the agreement related to the project has been developed and constructed very effectively.

Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Through his successful leadership, now Bahria town is currently handling all types of large projects in Islamabad. Those projects are Bin Alam city Islamabad, DHA Smart city Islamabad, Bahria town Karachi, Blue world city Islamabad, Bahria town Lahore and Bahria town Rawalpindi. Apart from that, they are currently building the third-largest masjid in Pakistan. It brings along with the golf city, paradise precincts and sports city. Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik is doing a great job along with his team and sure he will get a reward for his achievement.

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